I saw whether there were not the person who imported it (by car) several weeks ago and the company which imported it around contribution of the person who heard it and thought that it might be answered a various question if it was oneself.
Let's explain some one's backgrounds here.
It was looking for the North American whole that oneself began the import of cars from Japan to Canada to find RX7 at the beginning of 2011.
At that time, it is beginning to have said that the uncle who was mechanic does not import it why from direct Japan.
Because the contents heard the terrible story about the import of cars which appeared in the domestic market called the junk of Japan even if an appearance was good, I was slightly anxious.
Because the uncle who was mechanic promised that the friend did not give a bad car, I solved the friend that an uncle lived in Japan about this problem immediately.
Then I took the contact to the friend and began RX7 hunting.
The friend transported it to the person who wanted Skyline in Canada in the middle and the person who sent it to the owner after having inspected it was necessary, but heard it whether you did not do it.